Feb 11, 2009

Groundswell Blook Report:Chapter Six-Talking with the groundswell

Groundswell is broken down into three parts. Part two (chapters 4-9) focus on tapping the groundswell. The authors provide advice and a strategic framework on how to do this.

Chapter 6: Talking with the groundswell
FriendFeed Room: Chapter Six reference links and case studies from the book. Join the room and start a conversation.

Feature Video: How to have profitable conversations - blogging for business, yourBusinessChannel

0:20 Blogging creates conversations, creates credibility, content varies. Don't shout, don't tow the company line.
1:17 New to blogging? Learn from these "gurus". Lot's of good tips here. Don't shout. Tell a story and create conversations. Create content that is meaningful.
3:44 Importance engagement, being authentic and responsive.

What I learned:
1) The power of YouTube!
No experience in consumer marketing? No experience in producing television commercials? Neither did George Wright from Blendtec. When he saw how they tested their product by blending pieces of wood he knew that people had to see this! He thought, let's put the owner of the company in a lab coat and show him blending wood, dictionaries, iPhones, GPS devices etc. Let's make it a bit "campy" and throw it up on YouTube! Tom, the owner, embraced this idea! He didn't run from it. That's probably the most amazing part of this story. The leader got involved and embraced the idea.

2) Shouting vs. Talking
Broadcasting your message as loud as you can and to as many people as possible is shouting. Talking creates conversation. Conversations, at the least the good ones, are meaningful exchanges of information. You're not on a stage blurting out rhetoric. You're amongst a group of people engaging in dialogue. The key, is to create and share content through social media and participate in open and honest conversations.

3) Committment
If you want to engage in conversation through social media you must be committed for the long term. Your company must be committed to it. What does this mean? It means committing resources (people, money and time) permanently. It means culturally and strategically embracing social media as a channel to communicate, share and converse. And be open.

4) You may be surprised!

Be prepared to experiment and accept that as you begin talking and the groundswell begins to grow it will likely evolve into something you never expected. This is a good thing! Let it happen. Remain open, honest AND committed to making your social media experience rewarding for you and your customers.

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