Apr 6, 2007

The Four "R's" of B2B Marketing

2/15/09: Stayed tuned for an updated version. Minor enhancements including changing one R from "revenue" to "return".

B2B marketing professionals can benefit from taking this approach when defining their marketing plans. What I call the four R's. I use these as guiding principles regularly for planning and tactical execution. A B2B Marketer, in my view, is responsible for the following:

1) Revenue - marketers must generate revenue opportunities. This is accomplished by executing demand generation campaigns and special events that generate sales opportunities for the sales force. This must be measured and reported.

2) Reputation - marketers must build the company's reputation. This is the primary way a B2B company builds it's brand. This is accomplished through case studies, testimonials and a formal reference program. Customer engagement and collaboration is critical.

3) Relationships - marketers must put on creative events that build relationships with customers, partners and the media. These events can be social or educational in nature and must provide real value to the intended audience. They act as a mechanism to create and strengthen relationships and reduce "distant gaps".

4) Relevant - marketers must have something meaningful, relevant and of value to offer the customer or partner. It must also be relevant with respect to what the company has to offer and what the sales force is prepared to talk about with customers and prospects. People are over-communicated to today. Be relevant and provide value in the form of knowledge, networking and keep it relevant.

These four principles help me guide my marketing efforts each day.