Nov 18, 2008

Getting "Ink" for your customers

In an earlier post entitled The Importance of Strategic References I talked about how I worked with the Michener Institute, while at Unis Lumin, to generate awareness for their digital slide technology. The direct result was a cover story in Technology for Doctors magazine. This print publication reaches over 10,000 primary care physicians and specialists across Canada.

Michener was thrilled with the publicity they received. We provided them with reprints of the article to use to their advantage. They have and continue to leverage this publicity to raise awareness and funding for new initiatives. There are some who won't see the immediate payback for Unis Lumin but my philosophy is that we partnered with Michener to help them showcase a solution that was made possible in part by Unis Lumin. This was one of my favourite experiences during my 7 years at Unis Lumin.

If you'd like to listen to the case study here's a podcast I had produced by Donna Papacosta from Trafalagar Communications.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Chris. I really enjoyed working with you and the people at Michener on this project. I'm glad to see they're getting recognition.