Jan 12, 2009

Groundswell Blook Report:Chapter Three-The Social Technographics Profile

Groundswell is broken down into three parts. Part one (chapters 1-3) focuses on understanding the groundswell.
Chapter 3. The Social Technographics® Profile
  • Defines a data tool for analyzing social behavior of any group of customers
  • CASE: A community for alpha moms
  • Data and analysis for six examples: Gen Y, Japan/PC, politics, retail, seniors, health care
FriendFeed Room: Chapter Three reference links and case studies from the book. Join the room and start a conversation.

Feature Presentation: Social Technographics Explained, Josh Bernoff
Social Technographics Explained
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Feature Video: Social Technologies-Your Customers Are Revolting, Charlene Li

1:10 - People move up and down the ladder and assume various roles in the Groundswell. They perform multiple roles depending on things like topic, interest and industry.
1:45 - Roles in the Groundswell: Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives.
3:25 - Why classifications?
3:50 - Case study: Alpha Moms. Using POST strategy to determine how best to engage with Alpha Moms. The key is to look to see where they over index. Target Critics, Collectors and Spectators.
7:15 - Embracing customers when they are revolting against your brand. What you can do. The "GM Insiders" example.
8:42 - Customers ignoring your messages. The GoDaddy example.

What I learned:
1) Know what your customers do online.
Find out how your customers are participating in the groundswell. Understand the roles they play in groundswell. Where are they on the Social Technographics ladder? What percentage are creators vs. critics? Joiners vs. spectators? Understand this because it tells you where to play in the groundswell.

2) Look for the "Over Index"
The Social Technographic Profile ladder consists of six different types of groups. Once you find out where your customers are (or aren't) playing in the groundswell focus on where the "swell" is in your market. This is done by looking for the groups that "over index". If more people in your market are joiners then the national average then focus on them... don't create a community where joiners can blog and upload content...because the won't.

3) The Groundswell is about human psychology & sociology
People want to connect with others who have similar problems, goals and ideas. They want to reach and relate with like minded people. Some want to lead, some want to help, some want to share and some want to watch.

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