Jan 1, 2009

Interesting FriendFeed conversations from yesterday

FriendFeed creates conversations

In keeping with my fascination (obsession?) with FriendFeed I'm noticing that some Social Media thought leaders are having some interesting conversations. For a while I'll be sharing some of these conversations here. I hope you think they are interesting too.

Some of the conversations were started through Twitter and some were not.

"Select Conversations

Dave Winer
“Now let's explode a myth -- it doesn't make a diff if Scoble posts here or on his blog. That's how ignorant Arrington and Calacanis are.” Link

“Scoble organizing conf about real-time web for mid-Jan. Hmm. If it's real-time shouldn't it be now, not 15 days from now? http://bit.ly/psMKLink

Jeremy Owyang
Seeking realtime feedback on his new blog design. Link

Leo Laporte
"Play in line" podcast feature for FriendFeed. Link

Louis Grey
"RSS has practically eliminated my need to use browser bookmarks". Link

Paul Buchheit
Boric Acid Risks. Link

Photo credit: nicoatridge

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  1. Chris, this looks like an interesting list for B2B marketers who want to keep a close eye on key social media thought leaders. Thanks for putting it together -- you are beginning to win me over re: FriendFeed!