Mar 6, 2009

How does a blog work?

I recently met with a technology sales rep who is interested in social media. She has visited my blog before and enjoyed some of my Funny video posts. In fact the Humour and Hope post had an impact on her son. He is a big Obama fan! I may write about the experiences people have with blogs later because it amazes me how a blog post can have a positive impact on someone.

As we talked about my blog I started throwing out words like tags and labels and she asked me “what are those?”. These three words are an important lesson for us folks who are drunk on the social media kool-aid. Many people, potentially your target audience/readership, are just starting to read blogs let alone understand how they work.

I’m very grateful that this sales rep helped me look through her eyes. So, I created a simple Blog Briefing for her and those folks just getting their feet wet. I hope it is useful.

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