Sep 27, 2008

I'm still undecided but the Liberals get a nod!

Tyler and Kyle, Liberal canvassers It's 11:30 on a Saturday and I get a knock at the door...ugh! Who's selling me something now, I'm thinking. It turns out it is Tyler and Kyle canvassing my block for Bonnie Brown, the incumbent Liberal candidate (in case you didn't know there is an election in Canada coming up too!). My response? Wow!

Young adults have been criticized of not getting involved in politics.... don't get me started on this because many older adults "don't bother" to vote. Kudos to Tyler and Kyle (who gave me thumbs up to blog about them and post their photo, thx dudes) for getting involved in politics. If they knock on your door, even if you're not voting for Bonnie, encourage them and show how much you appreciate their commitment to get involved in the political process. We need more youth to get involved! We need to listen and learn from them. We need them to become our next leaders.

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