Sep 27, 2008

Let me introduce you to the B2B Specialist!

Today, I've decided to establish a clear delineation between my professional online "persona" from that of my personal one. The problem I want to avoid is mixing professional friendships and relationships with personal ones. My professional persona will evolve around my being a B2B (Business to Business) specialist and student. This blog has been focusing primarily on B2B Marketing & Sales which will still be the case. I will be exploring other B2B areas of interest to me that relate to these core areas of focus. This includes customer relations, social media, product management, knowledge and talent workers. These functional lines are merging.

Professionally speaking I had a blast helping grow Unis Lumin into something very special, having been a finalist in Cisco's I-Prize Contest, a global social media driven innovation contest and I'm now, with the help of many others bringing ProductCamp to Toronto.

Why this "delineation"? Well, quite honestly do you really want to see pictures of me going down a rollercoaster, or sitting at the beach or mountain biking?! =)

So, that's enough about me! What I hope this can mean to you is that we can establish a professional connection of mutual value. In the coming months I'll be setting up my Professional Persona and social media network. I consider myself a B2B specialist AND student especially in the areas of marketing, sales, product innovation and leadership.

If you're interested in connecting feel free to subscribe to my FriendFeed channel located on the right side of my blog. Over time, I hope to create some cool social media experiences with you.

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