Sep 23, 2008

A quick look at what an Unconference is like

What is cool about this video is that it gives you a slice of what an unconference is like. This is a Startup event and I noticed three key things in this video.

First, you get to see them going through the Open Grid process. Where sessions are proposed and voted on in real time and the event schedule is generated on the fly. This is the first major activity that takes place an an unconference. Why is this cool? Because the participants that show up are what matter! We have over 40 potential session topics for PCT. These topics and new ones will be "proposed during the Open Grid session and participants decide which ones are most interesting and relevant! Cool!

Second, it shows you how interactive and engaging this type of event can be. No bullcrap presentations, no sales pitches... just authentic conversations about things that are important to the participants.

Third, it shows an interesting activity called "speed geeking" something we may think about doing for PCT.

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