Dec 7, 2008

A 90 Second View: B2B Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Hubspot has produced some viral ads on YouTube poking fun at outbound marketing. It, and another one on cold calling, suggests that outbound marketing is literally "out" and inbound marketing is "in". My advice is look before you leap and if you're not measuring ROI on all your marketing/business development initiatives (outbound or inbound) then

Take a hard look at what your routes to market are and whether they are building your reputation, generating awareness and demand. Develop some integrated programs that build your reputation, generate awareness and revenue. I keep my 4 R's of marketing framework in mind as a develop and implement programs.

While Hubspot's ads may be a bit one sided, they are bang on that inbound marketing is a route to market that should be fully used, measured and optimized. Marketing/Business Development programs need to leverage both inbound and outbound marketing tactics, tools and resources in the form of integrated programs that are measured.

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  1. I agree that a holistic marketing campaign consisting of both outbound and inbound marketing will yield the greatest results.