Jun 22, 2008

Social Media that matters

These are just some of the many social media services available under the web2.0 phenomena we are now experiencing. More services are coming online everyday.

I'm having a lot of fun playing in this web2.0 sandbox. Some of these tools are a fun, help me be productive and I'm meeting new people. I'm all for this stuff!

But, something is happening that is making me wonder. It's all around the concept of spreading yourself too thin and information fragmentation. At the end of the day one needs to look at all these services and define what they need and want and figure out how these tools solve their problems and achieve their goals. I'm one of those people starting to get confused about what to use and why!

I write and read blogs, I bookmark sites, I socially network. But over time am I going to get exhausted trying to maintain and manage all these social media activities? If I'm starting to get concerned about social media saturation and overwhelmed by the number of services I'm sure there are others too.

I'd be interested in learning how people are using these various services and for what reasons and how effective they are in helping them be successful. Seems to me that this is a book in the making? Use my new comment feature below (allows for direct reply to a comment) or visit my FriendFeed room on this topic.

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