Jun 21, 2008

Why I like FriendFeed, so far

Thanks to Steve Reubel who has been blogging a lot about FriendFeed and how he's using it. I'm liking this application! It is like an "inbox" for all of the social media stuff I'm doing. I have a blog, I use Twitter, I use Diigo and Delicious for bookmarking and YouTube for posting videos. I use these web 2.0 services for work and play.

The problem is they kinda exist separate from each other...so it fragments my "social media" persona and doesn't give readers a fuller picture of what I'm thinking and doing. Now, I can use FriendFeed as an aggregation point for all my digital dialogue. It's also a great tool to bump into people with similar interests and track what their digital dialogue too.

Here's a great video from Tim Steward on how FriendFeed works.

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