Oct 20, 2008

What have we created?

What were we thinking? Let's face it most people find advertising misleading, telemarketing annoying and direct e/mail a nuisance. People are skeptical when they see "special offers" and are fed up with bad customer service. People timeshift TV shows, delete unread emails, screen calls and avoid any form of contact with those of us who market and sell stuff.

People have brought their distaste and negative experiences with advertising, marketing and selling to their day jobs and put in place mechanisms and behaviours that protect them from solicitation, selling and marketing. They let themselves be "selectively" marketed and sold to when they need information and access to intellectual capital. They do everything they can to get free advice (proposals, free briefings, "pre-sales" consultations etc) without making any financial commitment to the service/solution provider. Can you blame them? Heck we've created a "marketing monster"!

We've made our bed and now we've got to sleep in it. There are ways to have honest exchanges with prospective buyers. I'll delve into this in later posts.

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