Oct 26, 2008

Introducing the Zoomer!

Moses Znaimer, founder of Zoomer Media, and Executive Director from CARP (Cdn. Assoc. of Retired Persons) has a vision for us folksover 4 5. It's about time! A Zoomer is not just about age it's about
a mindset and a desire to excel in life. I'm a Zoomer and I won't settle for stereotypes as I progress in life. I'm 45 and listen to Katy Perry, pretend to be Iron Man, joke around with my 21 year old daughter and hang out with my 12 year old daughter. I'm going to buy Rockband this weekend and will belt out some tunes while members of my family play drums and lead guitar.

Here's an interview of Moses done by the CBC

1:00 - Moses starts thinking about what to do for Zoomers (including him)
1:20 - Journalists and advertisers are stuck and don't get it
2:25 - Boomers have the money
2:40 - Zoomer TV application filed to CRTC in 2000
3:10 - We are aging differently then our parents
3:20 - Moses is accumulating and creating media around the Zoomer market that advertisers have yet to realize is attractive

I'm heading over to the Zoomer Show to hang out with my contemporaries on November 1st. Twit me if you're gonna be there.

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