Oct 29, 2008

Tribal Leadership, the case study

Tribal Leadership, a book I recommended in an earlier post, toured Zappos.com and below is a play by play breakdown of that video. This company clearly is a "Stage 4" tribe and they get it. Here's why:

First, they get the fact that what matters the most in any business is people.

Second, they understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that is fun, comfortable and collaborative and fosters community.

Third, coaching and goal setting is extremely important as is recognition of achieving goals.

Fourth, executives have an open door policy and they sit in cubes. No offices, no bull, no favourtism.

Fifth, they know what key metrics matter and they measure and publish their results.

Enjoy the video.

Tour of Zappos.com, A "stage 4" tribe (at least!)
:10 Fun time
:33 Nap time
1:15 Emotional Connection with customer
1:49 Key performance indicators - measure, measure, measure
2:16 The three important questions around customer loyalty
2:30 Introducing "Doc". Coaching, goal setting and recognition.
3:18 Special group dedicated to research and resolution for customers (The "R" Desk)
3:40 Showing results for all to see
4:30 Lot's of smiling faces, party environment
4:55 Monkey row, where the execs sit. Free books for all staff and no "class" system
6:00 Open door policy, stir the pot and hear the buzz. No disconnected executives here!
6:15 Business units sit together. "Ride Shops", "Outdoor shops"
6:25 Sectioning of sites around themes like "running" and creating communities with blogs and events

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