Oct 4, 2008

Less then 1 month till ProductCamp!

PCT, big banner

We're less then a month away from Canada's first ProductCamp!We're excited and hopeful that we will have a great turn out on November 2nd.

Here's a quick update:

  • We are firming up sponsors and it looks like we're going to be able to offer a free T-shirt to participants. Here's the current list of sponsors with more coming on soon.
  • This weekend we hope to have the preliminary "Open Grid" posted so you can get a feel for what's planned first thing when you arrive. It will explain how the day will unfold.
  • I'd like for you to visit this page that outlines our goals for this event and to read our "cause". If you think it sucks feel free to change it/make it better. That's what this is all about...community creating and making change
  • And finally, please ensure you now formally register as a participant so we know who's going to show up....we need this because we want everyone to be fed, have a shirt etc. Please register here.. our goal is to have 100 people attend this event!

Remember this event belongs to us all. An event that creates and brings together a community of people interested in the product management profession. Those that want to better their skills, social networks and careers. I think it will also create new friendships and professional relationships. Let us know what you want to get out of PCT.

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